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SUCC is one of the largest sports clubs at Southampton University, fielding 4 sides in the BUCS leagues during the summer term as well as a 5th friendly side and 4 indoor sides, two of which compete in BUCS competition, in the winter. Winter nets, run by Level 3 Hampshire Cricket Board coaches, start from the beginning of the academic year, taking place weekly at the prestigious Ageas Bowl indoor facility.

SUCC also has a very strong social aspect. Socials are varied, however they typically take place in Pre Bar from 8.00pm on Wednesday nights. Feel free to head along, introduce yourself and get involved. Someone might even buy you a drink! SUCC members can normally be recognised by maroon and silver club ties on a blue shirt, so keep an eye out for updates from Social Secretaries Jake Stoneman and Vivek Gulati for more information, add yourself on the SUCC facebook page for regular updates.

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At SUCC, we pride ourselves on creating a welcoming environment which students from all walks of life, cultures and cricketing abilities can take part in. We run a range of socials, as well as other activities, such as trips to watch matches at the Ageas Bowl and an end of year Cricket Week. The club heads off on Tour every year, in 2019 Rimini was the destination for an unforgettable week. 

There is something for everyone in SUCC and if you want to get involved, contact Club Secretary Lijani Cherry (ljrc1g18@soton.ac.uk/07392161800)

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SUCC Club Captain 2020-2021

SUCC - Committee

SUCC Committee 2020-2021

Club Captain- 
Matt Smith
Treasurer-  Alex Lane

Social Secretary- 
Jake Stoneman
Social Secretary-  Vivek Gulati

Club Secretary-  Lijani Cherry

Fixtures Secretary- 
Jacob Fitton
Sponsorship & Indoor Secrerary - James Stevens
Club Officer-  
Kailum Patel

SUCC Committee 2019-2020

Club Captain-
Praveen Bhatti 
Treasurer-  Advait Manur

Social Secretary-
James Stevens
Social Secretary-  Jake Stoneman

Club Secretary-  Benjamin Cook

Fixtures Secretary-
Rory Tennant 
Tour Secretary- 
Matt Smith 
Sponsorship & Indoor Secrerary - Ollie Hall

Club Officer-  
Lijani Cherry

SUCC Committee 2018-2019

Club Captain-
Tom Barnes
Treasurer-  Advait Manur

Social Secretary-
Baskar Ramsundhar
Social Secretary-  Joe Regan

Club Secretary-  George Newitt

Fixtures Secretary-
Alex Kayser
Tour Secretary- 
George Read
Sponsorship Secretary-  James Allen

Club Officer- 
Praveen Bhatti

SUCC Committee 2017-2018

Club Captain-
Arvind Ramesh
Treasurer-  Harry Chevis

Social Secretary-
Tom Barnes
Social Secretary-  James Allen

Club Secretary-  George Newitt

Fixtures Secretary-
Ryan Gullock
Tour Secretary-
George Read
Sponsorship Secretary-  Hersh Khatri

Club Officer-  
Scott Taskis 

SUCC Committee 2016-2017

Club Captain - Alec Thompson
Treasurer - Tom Marquiss
Social Secretary - Alex Wells
Social Secretary - Arvind Ramesh
Club Secretary - Jake Fish
Fixtures Secretary - Jordan Mcleod
Tour Secretary - Will Brisco
Sponsorship Secretary - Alex Stansfield
Club Officer - Alex Kwiatkowski

SUCC Committee 2015-2016

Club Captain - Jayden Clark
Social Secretary - Charlie Nielson
Club Secretary - Sam Clough
Treasurer - Alex Stansfield
Fixtures Secretary - Greg Wise
Tour Secretary - Alec Thompson
Sponsorship Secretary - Oliver Calcott
Club Officer - Sam Jones  

SUCC Committee 2014-2015

Club Captain - Chris Royals
Social Secretary - Conor Jones
Club Secretary - Sam Clough
Treasurer - Jonny Coates
 Fixtures Secretary - Matthew Warner
Tour Secretary - Charles Nielson
Sponsorship Secretary- Roy Head
Club Officer- Jayden Clark

Committee 2013/2014

SUCC Committee 2013/14

Club Captain
 - Max Backhouse
Treasurer - Matthew Warner
Social Sec - Andrew Wooding
Club Secretary - Chris Royals
Fixtures Secretary - Rob Gill
Tour Secretary - Tom Price
Sponsorship Secretary - Tom Mills
Club Officer - Ashley Sivarajah 

Committee 2012/13
SUCC Committee 2012/13

Club Captain
 - Robert McSweeney-Atkins
Treasurer/Vice Club Captain - Ethan Fogarty
Social Sec - Sam Stevens
Club Secretary - James Taylor
Fixtures Secretary - Andrew Wooding
Tour Secretary - Jamie Dawson
Club Officer - Max Backhouse

Committee 2011/12

SUCC Committee 2011/12

Club Captain
- James Richards
Social Sec/Vice Club Captain - Sam Booth
Club Secretary - Ben Hawker
Treasurer - Ed Nichols
Fixtures Secretary - Robert McSweeney-Atkins
Tour Secretary - Sam Stevens
Club Officer - Ethan Fogarty

Committee 2010/2011

SUCC Committee 2010/11

Club Captain -
Richard Barclay
Treasurer/Vice Club Captain - Ben Taylor
Social Sec - Simon Lambert
Fixtures Sec/Tour Sec - George Sanderson
Club Secretary - Ed Cook
Club Officer - Dan Keylock
Committee 2009/10

SUCC Committee 2009/10

Club Captain - Tim Clancy
Treasurer/Vice Club Captain - Simon Lambert
Social Sec - Tom Allen
Fixtures Sec - Dom Bilham
Club Secretary - Joe Cunningham
Club Officer - Dan Keylock
Tour Sec - Radleigh Tant