Socials & Fundraisers


Gents, it is our great pleasure to welcome you to the socials section of the website. Being part of Southampton University Cricket Club is about more than just turning up to nets and playing some cricket. It is about being part of SUCC, what will most probably become one of your biggest group of friends and, more often than not, like an extended family (figure 1).
Social evenings run throughout the year mostly on Wednesday evenings, when the majority of the University sports teams go out in order to socialise and to have a drink (or 10). A few days before each weekly social the details for the night will be posted on the Facebook page, and will be announced at nets prior to the night out. Attire for most nights throughout the year is the blue shirt, club tie, beige chinos and brown boat shoes. On occasion socials will have a special theme, with a fancy dress to match however this is rarely pressured.  

As well as this weekly event, we will of course be undertaking some of our more noteworthy, blue riband socials - the Isle of Wight all-dayer, House Pub Golf, Pub Olympics to name but a few. We will also have various mixed socials with girls 'sports' teams. Previously hockey, lacrosse, cheerleading and netball girls have all helped provide enjoyable evenings and sexually anecdotal banter for the next couple of weeks.

I would urge everyone with an interest in the cricket club to make an appearance at the socials as soon as possible. For fresher’s the first socials will help to get your name known within the club, with a good social attendance even helping to get people complimenting your cricketing ability (speaking about myself here..). The most important thing is to just get involved, as high pressured drinking is something that is not enforced and you will be more than welcomed into the group. This year we are hoping to introduce a Buddy system whereby those new to the club will be paired with one or more senior members in order to teach and mentor the ways of SUCC.

Every member of the club will be hoping to see a great turnout at the beginning of the year – where we will be meeting at stags and travelling to Oceana for a truly wonderful first night out. Freshers just remember that every member of the club was new once and knows what its like, so don't be nervous and get involved!

Any questions or queries don't hesitate to message or call our two very friendly social secretaries.

Tom Barnes (07595266218) and James Allen (07794488471)

SUCC Social Secretaries 2017-2018

P.S. I would strongly advise that all those new to SUCC read The Fresher's Guideavailable on the facebook page, and then probably read again. This was created and compiled by one of the club's previous Club Captains, Maxx Power. Whilst an awful lot of this is dated, this is somewhat of a bible in terms of what drinking games to expect on SUCC socials.


SUCC provides fantastic opportunities for our members, such as Ageas Bowl training sessions and coaching, but all of this comes at a cost. Therefore, to ensure we maintain reasonable subs fees, fundraisers are vital for the club's wellbeing.

These will be run throughout the year and in the past have generally been run as themed nights at local bars and clubs, the most recent however being the 2nd Annual SUCC poker championships. With many a cricketer prone to a flutter (see S.K.Warne) this night always goes down a success, and with Hersh Khatri (Sponsorship Sec 2017-18) winning the pot, its safe to say next year he will aim to make the night just as memorable!